ALLOW UP TO 6 WEEKS TO SHIP.A Limited Run (now only 10 in total) of the Marques Guitars Legacy series, The Korina T is everything you know and love about Leo's first production guitar, with a twist! This itteration is made with Korina (White Limba). Known as the wood for Flying V's, Explorers and Modérnes of the late 50's, Filipe Marques wanted to hear what those sparkling, jangling tones of the T type would sound like with the bones of warm wood synonomous with sustain. As with all Marques Guitars, these feature handwound, special recipe Warcaster pickups. These guitars are designed to have a rustic and even relic’d esthetic. This series is finished with a “dog hair” technique using a dark mahogany grain filler sanded back and finished with a few thin coats of boiled linseed oil.They are designed to look and feel natural and comfortable to hold. They will also age beautifully.A word about Korina:Korina is an industry name for White Limba. Both white and black Limba derive from the same species of tree. Some white Limba can have dark streaks. Due to the nature of this species of wood being very porous, checking (or cracks) can occur in the drying process. This can sometimes occur when the Limba is sourced from a humid climate. Steps are always taken to properly dry and select the best woods for our guitars. However, as rare as Limba is, this is sometimes unavoidable to meet demand. In this case, very careful steps are taken to stabilize the wood and prevent any structural failure if the guitar is properly cared for during ownership. Visible signs of these steps may be apparent cosmetically but do not effect the playability and stability of the guitar. Hand made and signed/numbered by Luthier Filipe N. Marques.Weight varies from 7.5 to 8.5 pounds (+/-.5 lbs.)

Legacy Series: The Korina T

  • Body: Korina (White Limba)

    Neck: Birds Eye Maple, black dots, bone nut & dual action truss rod.

    Neck Shape: Small "C", 9.5 inch radius

    Pickups: Single coil neck, single coil bridge. The now famous Marques "Warcaster" recipe, Handwound by Mark V at DARKMOON Pickups.

    Hardware: Kluson USA Tuners and Bridge, Nickel 

    Pickguard: 5 hole Bakelite, Black

    Electronics: CTS pots, 250K, Orange Drop or Mallory "Yellow Jackets" Capacitor .047

    Scale Length: 25.5 inch

    Finish: Linseed Oil, Hand rubbed

    Case: Hard case included.